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Window Treatment Color Trends in 2023

Looking to add a contemporary touch in your home by installing combi blinds but could not decide about the shade? Color of your combi blinds plays a catalytic role in setting up an aura of a room. So, devoting some time to check out the latest window blind color trends makes complete sense.

Since colors and trends don’t remain constant, first, you should know if you are willing to spend money on combi blinds frequently to stay abreast with the color trends or if you are in favor of long-term investment.

For people who don’t hesitate to frequently replace their blinds, the scope of trying out the latest trends is greater. On the contrary, if you like to stick with long-term investment, it is best to choose blinds with timeless appeal.

So, here are some window blind colors which are quite gaining momentum in 2019 while others will impart a classic touch.

Earthy Tones:

Natural and earthy tones like ochre yellow, brick red, beige, and sky blue are perfect for people who love a serene ambience in their home. These shades are known for replicating the beauty and balance of nature. Not only do they look impeccable as monochrome but also work well with a wide array of brighter and bolder colors. While pale pastel works best for smaller rooms, bolder hues are suitable for medium and large windows with spacious room. Plus, they work as an ideal background allowing accessories and statement pieces copiously visible.

Metallic Hues:

Metallic colors are regaining popularity this year. So, if you like to give your home a unique touch, go for unusual metallic colors. Copper, brass, and silver are some of the metallic colors that will beautifully shine your home and be trendy for a few years. They come with a highly specific and unmistakable texture. Therefore, they are often the choice of individuals who like to keep up with trends while imparting a rustic appeal to their home.

Geometric Shapes:

It is not uncommon to see prints and patterns in window shades, however, if you are avoiding bold patterns and looking for something cool, geometric shapes in light and cool color will be an ideal choice for your window blinds. Having unique combi blinds in your home will give your interior design a more youthful and cheerful appearance. When you install blinds with geometric shapes, it would make more sense to keep other accessories in your home classic and subdued to maintain the balance. This will give your blinds more emphasis; otherwise, it would create a hotchpotch interior design rendering your efforts futile.

Neutral Colors:

Just like natural earthy tones, neutral colors have a timeless appeal. They always remain in trend and also function perfectly well with metallic colors and accessories. These days, a lot of tones are added to the neutral category. So, there is no scarcity of color choices when it comes to combi blinds. For contemporary window treatments, charcoal and slate are, particularly, in trend.

Choosing from the above types of shades for your combi blinds will not only make your home mesmerizing but will also save you from spending again and again just to stay in trends.

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