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Choosing between Fabric Blind and Venetian Blind

Have you finally decided to install roller blinds in your Filipino home but struggling now to choose which one is right for you - Fabric or Venetian? Roller blinds are always a great choice as they impart a classic look to your home interior. But, figuring out which one you should install can be a difficult decision.

When it comes to making the right choice of blinds for your windows, the first thing you should ask yourself is what room the blinds are for. This may impact the decision as variant styles of blinds can work best in specific rooms.

In this blog, to make your decision-making process easier, we will discuss each of the blinds. Let’s take a look at why you should choose a specific blind for a specific room.

Fabric Roller Blind:

Fabric blinds are popularly known as Roman blinds. They are made of a panel of fabric that has been horizontally or vertically lined and attached to a head rail track by cords. These threads run through tape channel that is connected to the lining. When you pull the chain at the side of the head rail, the fabric blinds fold up into pleats.

Roman Blinds are extremely versatile and thus, they make a perfect choice for any room style. In terms of visual appeal, it adds texture, hues, and patterns into your room. Since there is no restriction of design, colors, and finishes in fabric, you can always find a perfect fabric roller blind to compliment your home decor.

For neutral walls, bold colored fabric blinds work best. However, for patterned feature wall, use a fabric that won’t make your windows look overdressed. A room that attracts a lot of sunlight is best lined with the blackout window treatment. In case it is a room where using a blind is not a great deal, then you can use a standard poly cotton lining. In short, the options are endless.

Venetian Roller Blind:

Generally, there are two types of Venetian blind - aluminium and wooden. Most of the Venetian roller blinds are designed to be in the down position for the majority of the time. It is not often recommended to retract the blind. So, consider other blind options if you want to keep them retracted. These blinds, especially, work very well for those who want privacy in their homes. The horizontal slats of these blinds help in deterring the view from outside.

The slats of wooden or aluminium blinds can vary in sizes, such as 25mm, 35mm, or 50mm. Choosing a smaller size means there would be more slats in the blinds and larger size means the blinds will open the window for a clearer view. Both types of Venetian blinds come in various colors and finishes.You need to keep in mind that they are light in weight and, therefore, can be quite delicate in areas where there are kids or pets.

On the other hand, wooden blinds are sturdier as the slats are thicker and made from wood. Though they are not available in copious wood finishes, they can be bought in different paint effects. You also have the option of the blind with strings showing or tapes of fabric covering strings for an entirely different look. This will give the impact of a shutter blind at a much smaller price rate.

One other thing, though both Venetian and roman blinds look great in home decor, it is best if you install roman blinds only if you are living in an area with less pollution and dust. In case your area has higher traffic, dusty or polluted environment, it is best to buy Venetian roller blinds.

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