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Check out our favorite projects representing our window blinds from each category! Here are some of the most challenging, interesting, and enjoyable projects that we’ve had the pleasure of accomplishing for our clients.

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Anytime Fitness

Featuring: Roller Shades


These shades allow natural light to come in while reducing the glare and heat from sun's rays.

Team Tankers Int'l


Sunscreen blinds and Blackout Blinds (in white)


Unlike roller shades, sunscreen blinds offer optimum protection from glare and heat whilst allowing natural light


Featuring: Blackout Blinds and Curtains


Nothing beats Blackout Roller Blinds in covering commercial spaces' windows, while Blackout curtains are great in adding elegance and formal ambiance to any function hall

Amaia Steps Nuvali

Featuring: Combi blinds

Perfect for: Condominium owners

Blinds in plain white fabric for a clean yet elegant look. Best for condo owners who must abide by condominium restrictions on window cover's color.

MC Residences

Featuring: Noblesse Blinds

Also known as Curtain Blinds, Noblesse instantly provides elegance to any interior

Bel-Air Sta. Rosa

Featuring: Basic Combi Blinds


Balance out warm orange tones with cool blue-colored window blinds.

QC Residence

Featuring: Blackout Combi Blinds


Cut the amount of sunlight that enters your room to enjoy total privacy and comfort with Blackout Combi blinds. 

Faith in God RPM

Featuring: Woodlook Combi Blinds


While vertical blinds are the most popular choice for offices, combi blinds are the newest trend in window covers -- even in commercial spaces! 

Stonecrest Village

Featuring: Venetian Blinds


Because it's so easy to clean, Venetian blinds are perfect for your kitchen and bathroom.

RMDC Realty

Featuring: PVC Vertical Blinds


If style is not a priority, traditional Vertical PVC blinds for offices usually serves its purpose well. 

Atlassian Philippines

Featuring: Blackout Roller Blinds


Everyday heat is on! Answer for heat and glare? Blackout Roller Blinds is the solution. 

Sta. Elena Golf & Coutry Club

Featuring: Blackout Roller Blinds, Combi Blackout and Fauxwood Venetian Blinds.


Combination of different type of blinds gives your home stylish modern look. 

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