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Tell us about your project and receive a no-obligation price quote from us. We suggest to complete the form below in the following format:


1. Type of blinds (i.e Combi, Roll, Vertical) 

2. Style/Type of Fabric (i.e. Basic, Woodlook, Black-out)

3. Mechanism (i.e. Combi, Acetate Valance)

4. Control Type (i.e. Manual, Motorized)

5. Cord Type (i.e. Fabric, Crystal Beads)
6. Size of window opening (include unit of measurement i.e. feet, meters, millimeters)

TIP: Visit our Info Box for more details on how to choose the perfect mechanism and cord style for your blinds

Request Business Profile and Window Blinds Catalogue

Our free brochure and business (company) profile displays our product range, featured projects in the Philippines, product selection PLUS: a guide on what to look for quality doors, windows and window covers and information on product defects. 

Please fill out the form below and we'll send the file to you via e-mail:

For more info about our Doors and Windows supply and installation services, please visit Accugine Aluminum and Glass.

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