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Window Blinds for Doors

Window Blinds are great not only for your home or office's windows but also for your doors! Here are some tips for you to consider should you want your doors covered:
For French Doors
Door Handles

Your door will most likely have a handle that might get in the way of operating the blinds. Most 1” blinds, roller blinds and honeycomb shades will fit behind the door handle, assuming there is 1” clearance.

Outside Mounted
Blinds for doors will be mounted on the outside of the window/door because unlike regular windows, French doors have no depth. As per the photo below, you can choose whether you want to cover with window blinds the glass part of the door only OR you may mount it at the cement wall to fully cover the doors. You may have to divide the window blinds into two to have a greater flexibility in terms of covering one side or both sides of the door.

Recommended type of blinds

- Blackout roller blinds

- Venetian blinds

- Honeycomb shade

- Wood blinds / wooden blinds

-combi blinds

For sliding doors

Sliding doors open horizontally so it is recommended that window blinds should open in the same direction as the door itself. You may want to have vertical blinds (PVC Vertical blinds or Fabric Vertical Blinds) for large sliding doors

If you have any other window blinds around the room, it is a good idea to choose blinds for doors that will coordinate with the other windows in terms of design and color.

Like other doors in a house, sliding doors are usually high traffic areas, be sure to choose a durable window blinds that can handle the daily use.

Recommended type of blinds

- Vertical blinds

- Combi Blinds

- Roller Blinds

If you have trouble identifying what type of blinds is needed for your home, get in touch with your local blinds supplier. Just google window blinds supplier philippines, window blinds philippines or blinds philippines to make sure that you get in touch with suppliers that covers your area.

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