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All About: Roller Blackout Blinds

Bothered by the light and glare brought about by the sun into your windows? Concerned about the sun heat and radiation penetrating through your glass windows and doors? While you may have existing window and door covers, it may not be enough to protect you from the glare and heat! In this case, a blackout roller blinds would have been a better window cover.

What is Blackout Roller Blinds?

Roller blinds is a type of blinds that rolls around a tube with the help of a mechanism. Roller blinds can be in a form of a sun shade/sun screen or as a roller blackout blinds. Roller Blackout Blinds offer the best heat and glare protection as its material can be 100% polyester or a mix of polyester and PVC.

Roller blackout blinds allow for a room that darkens when the window shade is fully dropped down. They are very easy to install and requires a few minutes to finally attach the blinds.

What If I already have an existing window blinds installed?

You may have already bought a window blinds for your window but upon installation and using it for a few days, you found out that the window blinds is not enough to protect you from heat and glare. Don’t worry! If your window has enough depth (if mounted inside the window) or has installed it outside mounted, you can definitely retain your existing and get a new set of roller blackout blinds as support during hours of the day -- when the sun is too high to give you discomfort.

Having two blinds this way offers both the aesthetics (the existing sunscreen that you have) and sun protection feature of the new roller blackout blinds.

You don’t believe us? Check out some photos of roller blackout blinds installed for our previous client. The client has an existing combi basic blinds (sheer fabric) and because of heat, decides to have a roller blackout blinds as supplement:

What If my window has no existing depth to add another roller blackout blinds?

If it’s not possible to mount another blinds on top of your existing blinds, we might have to remove your existing and attach a new one. While this is not a very fortunate news, you can save yourself some time from drilling and creating new holes for your new roller blackout blinds’ attachment. You are also finally saving yourself from the discomfort brought about by the sun, so cheer up and get those roller blackout blinds that you really need. It’s okay, everybody makes mistakes sometimes!

Here's some photos of new roller blackout blinds that we install for a client who have existing sun shade blinds. We removed their existing and installed new ones for the comfort of the employees:

Remember, when the sun glare and heat is too strong, your best bet would be a blackout blinds – roller or combi. You can definitely count on it!

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