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Tips on buying window blinds online

Nowadays, buying things online has become a trend. Indeed, technology has changed the way we purchase things. You can buy almost everything in online shops – clothes, accessories, food and even home fixtures and furniture! Buying window blinds for your home is no exception. It saves you time and energy going to malls and home depot just to find the perfect match for your window.

To make sure that buying window blinds in the Philippines is an enjoyable and easy task for you, here’s a list of some tips we recommend that you consider:

1. Identify beforehand the type of blinds you are looking for. There are a variety of window blinds to choose from, and knowing them and identifying if they’re the perfect match for your home is essential.

Among the different kind of blinds include: Combi Blinds, Roller Blinds, Wood blinds / Wooden blinds, Vertical Blinds (PVC Vertical Blinds or Fabric Vertical Blinds), Venetian Blinds / Mini Blinds / Aluminum Blinds, Noblesse, Motorized Blinds among others. To know more about these type of blinds, check out our helpful articles to guide you in choosing your blinds:

2. Find a reliable online window blinds supplier. We could not stress enough the importance of looking for a reliable window blinds supplier. Among the things you want to check are: Are they responding to your inquiries regarding window blinds? Are they duly registered as a business (Complete with business permits and compliant to legal requirements)? Ask for a copy of their business profile.

Have they supplied to similar residential or commercial projects in the past? Are they supplying quality window blinds? i.e. are the materials durable? Where do they get the materials? Do they source them from China? Or any other parts of the world where quality is at its best such as Korea and US. How do they ensure that they will supply your order, given that you have to pay a downpayment?

BEWARE of online suppliers who offer their products at a very low price compared to the market price. REMEMBER: You always get what you pay for. Cheap blinds either have low quality aluminum and fabric material, sourced from China, very short warranty, or have disappointing customer service and response, leaving you stressed out when you need help in warranty claims.

Warranty is so important, this is one of the most important things you should look for. Blinds with no warranty means you have to replace the whole thing when your blinds get broken. And we must tell you that this is a waste of money. Blinds are expensive and when you need to have the parts replaced, most suppliers won’t entertain you unless it is blinds that you have purchased from your supplier and is covered by their warranty

More on looking for a window blinds supplier: Best Place to buy window blinds

3. Check whether the window blinds supplier offer ocular, delivery and installation services. While it’s easy to measure and install your own window blinds (check out our How-Tos), you might not have the time to Do it Yourself, you are not confident that you will get the accurate measurements or you just don’t have the tools to install it on your own.

With this, you would need the help and services of a window blinds supplier in the Philippines. Check whether they are able to provide this for you for free or for a minimal cost!

These are some tips in ensuring that shopping for window blinds online is a breeze! If you ever need one, you can always reach/contact Accugine Window Blinds to help you with your window blinds requirements. Rest assured, we offer quality material, services and customer response for all your needs!

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