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Measurement and Installation of the Vertical Window Blinds

Are you planning to renovate your house and add some aesthetic features? So you think that the interiors of your house need some change as you are bored seeing the old designs? If yes then why not use the beauty of vertical window blinds as an additional house decorative item!

Window blinds can change the look of your traditional and boring windows. You can enjoy darkness inside the room whenever you wish. Make sure though that to enjoy the benefits of the vertical window blinds, one must install it appropriately.

A right installation with proper measurement is essential to give the perfect look of the vertical window blinds. A little loose and clumsy curtain can perfectly work but window blinds have to be accurate with the specific measurements. You may need to have an expert for the appropriate measurement before installation of this kind of window blinds. If no experts available, follow some of the best ways of measuring your windows and its proper installation:

• Measure from the Point of Installation -

The vertical window blinds starts from the top and ends at the bottom of the window or till the floor. The measurement begins from the point where it has to be installed. There are two options to install and they are inside and outside of the window frame. The measurement might differ in both cases.

• Length and Width Matters –

The measurement should be appropriately proportionate with the length and breadth. The window with 60” wide 40” length will have blinds with 59” width and 39” length respectively in case of the interior measurement and on the other hand, it will be 64 to 66” wide 44 to 46” long in case of the exterior measurement. Here the thickness of the window frames plays an important role.

• The Extent of Covering -

The length of the vertical window blinds differ according to your requirement. In case you wish to cover the entire window until the floor, you have to extend the window blinds measurement.

• Obstructions with the Window Blinds-

The vertical window blinds might get obstructed with the furniture once they are hanging. In such a situation, you can reduce the length of the window blinds or rearrange the furniture. In the case of the small space, rearranging might be difficult, so it is advisable to reduce the length of your measurement for the windows blind for a perfect look.

You can buy expensive window blinds with great aesthetic designs but still, window blinds cannot not provide the functionality you deserve if not properly measured and installed. The slats might frequently get stuck and create multiple problems in the operation. So measure your windows right and install the window blinds appropriately for efficient use.

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