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Why Choose Roller Blinds over Shades?

When we talk about giving a luxurious treatment to the windows, two options instantly come to our mind - roller blinds and shades. But, deciding between them is too hard as they both look quite luxurious. However, which one is better for your windows depends on your preferences and traffic in your home. So, before walking through countless options, it would be wise to figure out which window covering is best for your home.

First of all, you should know the difference between a roller blind and a shade. While roller blinds are hard window coverings generally made with horizontal slats, shades are flexible window coverings made of one or more piece of fabric. Even though they serve the same function - cover your windows, they differ from each other greatly in operation, price, style and other things.

Privacy and Light Control:

Based on their design and operation, they provide different levels of privacy and light control. Since roller blinds have slats which can be tilted, they allow you to adjust light control. Plus, you have better control at privacy because you can adjust their slats according to your needs and they can be rolled up or down for unobstructed outside view or complete blockage of external view.

However, with shades, this is not possible. As they are made of fabric, you can either open or closed them completely. There is no option for adjustment. So, if privacy and light control are on the top of your priority list, roller blinds make the best candidate.

Cleaning Procedure:

When dust is collected on blinds or they get stains, their cleaning is a cinch as you can wipe them down with furniture polish and a soft cloth. On the other hand, when shades get dusty or dirty, you can lift the dust away with the brush attachment of the vacuum or gently clean with warm water. Nonetheless, if there is any serious grime, you will need professional cleaning for shades.

Available Styles:

Many people assume that blinds come in just basic hues such as white, off-white, and grey. The good thing is this is not the case. You can buy roller blinds in other colors also, for instance, orange, green and purple. However, in this aspect, shades do far better than blinds as they can be availed in numerous choices of colors and prints. No matter which color you choose, if you want the classic feature in your window covering blinds will be a perfect choice and if you want to add a pop of vibrancy in the aura, shades will do better work.

Cost - An Important Factor:

If you need a window covering just for one or two windows, the cost might not be a constraint for you. But, when there are several windows in your home, your budget and affordability will get affected. Between the overarching categories of blinds and shades, you can’t simply put a tag that one is more expensive than others. Price varies depending on their material, quality, operation, and other factors. Shades can be much cheaper and much more expensive. The same thing is with blinds. Nonetheless, shades are available with more customized options, so they can be more expensive than blinds on high-end.

So, if we consider all these points, roller blinds always make a good choice in terms of privacy, cleaning, light control, and cost. Besides, if there are kids and pets in your home, then again blinds will perform better as they are made of hard material. Now, depending upon which window covering seems perfect for you, you can make the decision accordingly.

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