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How to Decide the Right Color for Your Combi Blinds

Thinking about dressing your windows? Combi blinds can be the best choice for you as not only are they practical but also allow better privacy, light control, and temperature regulation. Besides, they add a perfect pop of style and luxury to your home. Even though it seems quite easy to buy blinds when you have already figured out which blinds would be best for your windows, the purchasing task is far more difficult. Why? A plethora of color choices! Choosing the wrong color can totally ruin the aesthetics of your room. So, it is better to do some research before contacting a combi blind supplier.

Side of Blinds to Consider –Inside or Outside:

When we talk about blind colors, we discuss the color that faces the interior of your home. On the contrary, when we talk about street facing windows, your blinds are going to affect the exterior aesthetics also.

Many homeowners choose to buy white or off-white blinds as they help create a uniform look on the home’s facade. Regardless of if they are tilted, opened or closed, the same color appears inside and outside. So, you aim to choose a color that works well with both sides.

Blind Materials Affect the Availability of Colors:

It may come as a surprise to you but it is entirely true that blind material dictates how vast and diverse your color options will be. For instance, wooden combi blinds are typically stained so that they have a more natural appearance. They can be stained in cherry, oak, mahogany and maple finish to blend in with your hardwood or woodwork. However, faux wood blinds can be stained in a wide range of different traditional wood hues and features with unique textures.

Choose Colors According to Your Style:

Different colors and stains make them suitable for different applications and decor schemes. Here are some points to help you choose combi blind colors based on your decor vision.

For Earthy and Natural Interior:

If your home interior is dominated by earthy and natural shades, combi blinds which appear close to wood are a perfect choice. Not only such blinds seem down to earth but they are eco-friendly too. Shop combi blinds in beige and tan for your neutral and natural space.

For Utterly Ultra Modern Interior:

Combi blinds, also known as zebra blinds, are gaining popularity as they naturally lend themselves to modern living spaces. However, you can easily take more advantage by choosing a color that meets the requirements of your contemporary home. If your space stays fresh, clean and seems simplistic, white zebra blinds can be your best bet. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more masculine, modern and transitional flair, you can try integrating a set of grey zebra blinds into your living space.

For Retro Interior:

If you love things a bit retro and funky, you can’t go wrong with a set of bold-colored blinds in place of light colored blinds. They come in umpteen unique colors to match your retro space. In fact, you might consider orange, green, or purple shade for a big pop of color.

So, think it through based on your interior theme, don’t ignore to consider the exterior and figure out which colors would complement your home interior. Once you know the type, material and possible colors that meet your home requirements, you can easily explain to your combi blind supplier so that he can show you the best options without leaving any scope for confusion.

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