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China vs. Korean Made Blinds

Everyone cares about the brand!

The branding will explain the overall quality of the product. Of course, before investing in such product you really need to know the composition of the materials. Especially in choosing the right brand for your window covers.

Do you ever know why do people don’t buy such China made products? Here’s some pointers for you to check;

  • China’s production has been adopting a low-price strategy.

  • As a result, the quality are compromised.

  • In some extent the price is lowered at the cost of the quality.

  • China may be able to produce better-quality product, but for sure the price will increase.

For those who want budgeted choice, they are not choosing these China blinds products. For those who wants quality, Korean blinds are much preferred.

Check out our previous article “Window Blinds-A great investment”. This will gives you a heads-up whether you will change your heavy curtains or not.

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