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Discover the different types of window blinds available for your home

Not sure about the different styles of window blinds available? Or confused about what type of blind would be better suited to a particular room of your home? Follow this essential guide which provides you with all the advice you need to help make your decision easier. Before you measure up, decide which fitting option you'd prefer: inside or outside the mounting. Inside mounting is a good option for windows in small rooms without much wall space around them. For larger rooms, choose a blind that sits outside the mounted and blocks out more light. It's also ideal to know how to measure your windows checkout “How to Measure Blinds”.

  • For a blind that's going inside the window, measure the width of the recess at its narrowest point and the height of the recess.

  • For a blind that's going to hang outside the recess, measure the width of the recess and add 2 inches width to each side, then measure the height of the recess and add 5 inches.

  • Decide which side the handle will be placed should be, in case accessing them will be an issue.

Choose a style

Combi Blinds/Blackout Combi Blinds also know as, (Rainbow Blind, Zebra Blind or Double Layer Blind) are a very common type of the blind favorites choice and often used by our Filipino Kababayan in the Philippines. The major feature of the Combi Blinds is that they are a new innovation where stripped fabric across to layers creates the open and close effect. These elegant, sheer shades provide a variety of light and privacy control options, offering you complete control of the environment.

roll up or down by means of a cord. To add interest when they're open, they can have a different

color on either side. They are an “affordable option for informal settings”, such as a residential and office blinds. Take a look at “Atlassian Philippines and Anytime Fitness Roller Blinds which can be cut to size to fit your space.

Venetian blinds are sleek kitchens or bathrooms, and metal or plastic blinds are a practical choice for rooms with high levels of moisture. As you can filter the light, they are also great for a home office. Check out our featured project “Ebuen Residence Kitchen” and “Banson Residence Bathrooms”

Vertical blinds are ideal for floor-to-ceiling windows and, as a consequence, tend to be used in summerhouses and conservatories. The vertical blind sections hang from a track and slide to the side when open. Check out our featured products “ RMDC corp and Flores Residence”

For made-to-measure blinds, and curtains, take a look at the article “How to measure blinds” And follow this advice on “how to clean your blinds in easy steps” in your home.

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