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Residential Blinds Philippines

Interior planning is one of the most exciting part for new and existing home. Modern residences here in the Philippines have a lot of glass windows, sliding doors, corner glass windows and think about how much amount of glare and heat that your house will get . For starters, residential blinds are technically hard window treatments composed of movable slats that can be tilted opened or closed when the blind is lowered. Blinds and curtains are fully customizable, offer complete light and privacy control and have an endless variety of design choices and options.

Wood Blinds

I initially think of wood blinds in a den or library, but really, they’re at home in most rooms. Wood blinds are simply natural wood slats that are either painted or stained. They are a classic treatment, complementing many decorative styles and their simple construction makes them easy to operate. Many finishes are available ranging from light pine to bamboo to richly stained ebony. Different slat sizes are offered depending on the degree of control you’d like with regards to privacy and light control. For a stylish look, I like to layer wood blinds with drapery or topped with a valance.

Faux Wood Blinds

For the best value and for an uncomplicated look, faux wood blinds are always my first choice. Why? Here are some of my favorite words: affordable, efficient, attractive, and easy maintenance. That means no fading, or fraying and just a quick swipe now and then. I mean really, what’s not to love? Faux wood blinds look and feel like wood blinds, but are less expensive and more durable. Since these blinds won’t warp or fade, they are the best option for humid climates or high moisture rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens.

MinBlinds/Venetian Blinds

If you’re looking for the lowest cost option in window treatments, mini blinds are your answer! They are a basic blind that does the trick of providing privacy and controlling the light with a simple twist of the wand. Mini blinds are available in an array of colors, different materials (aluminum and vinyl) as well as different thicknesses to solve all your light issues. Mini blinds offer minimal treatment.

Drapery and Curtains

Drapes and curtains are the most decorative window treatment and the terms are often used interchangeably as full length panels of material. Drapes add extreme personality to a space, transforming a room in the form of breezy sheers or lush velvet. While decorative, they also filter or block light and may be lined for thermal insulation. Hung high near the ceiling and draped near the outer edges of a window, drapes can make both the room and the window feel larger. Drapes become a perfect companion when paired with another window treatment such as a timeless wood blind, an insulating cellular shade, or a rustic woven wood shade. Drapes are the dessert of window treatments!

Roller Shades

The idea of a roller shade is pretty simple. When lowered, the shade hangs flat near the window pane and when raised, it rolls up onto a cylindrical rod. Lots of fabrics are a plus here: blackout material, sheer fabric, and linen and a palette of patterns. Technology today even allows you to print your own images, photos, art or design on a roller shade. Roller shades are a straightforward, budget friendly window treatment option.

Unique/Elegant/Modern Window Treatment Ideas

It’s time to get out of the boring blind and shade funk of thinking you can only do a neutral, blah window covering. Get unique and think top down bottom up shades that let you decide when and how much light to let in from above and below the shade. To achieve a graceful look on windows usually starts with your fabric choice. Softness, layers and deep, decadent folds are the key. Over sized drapes that hang floor to ceiling are particularly elegant since they make your room appear to have higher ceilings. You can also easily add a shade behind the drapes to give the layered effect. Bonus points: use different textures and colors on the layers and your elegance factor shoots up. You want sophisticated, understated and clean. Lucky for you, contemporary window styles are taking over. Pick a hue contrasting your wall paint to start your modern look. Going cordless also ups the ante on your modern factor, since the look is not only sleek and downplayed, but also safe and clutter-free. Cellular cordless shades are particularly clean looking. A remote control to operate anything in your residence brings instant cool and hands-free luxury. Presto modern window treatments!

Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas

We all have to eat, and let’s face it, as much as you may plan for guests and kids to gather in another part of your home, they come find you in the kitchen, because that’s where all the fun happens. Since there is high moisture and potential spillage in the kitchen, faux wood blinds are a great choice since they will not warp or fade. They are natural ventilators and are durable. They also clean easily, to boot. Since you’ll be covering windows above sinks and stoves, We highly recommend Minblinds/ Venetian Blinds.

Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas

Your bedroom is your sanctuary where you wake up and wind down every day. Bar none, your first thought should be privacy, and how much of it you want. Blackout Combi are great for pure darkness, especially if you don’t rise and set with the sun. If you are not a vampire and would like a little light, go with day/night shades that give you the best of both worlds—room darkening on one end and light-filtering on the other. These shades are way amazing and some of us think this is a secret blind, for the underworld. In the end, a blind or shade that makes the ambiance feel warm to you is your best bet in the bedroom.

Living Room Window Treatment Ideas

In here, you’ll be making a statement about your home, entertaining, and protecting large furniture that you don’t want to fade. Combi Blackout shades are the great protectors from direct sunlight, and you can pick how much light you want coming in while still preserving your view outside. On stark bay windows, roman shades are soft and elegant. On tall windows, or ones you want to seem tall, pick any shade and then overlay long vertical fabric (Noblesse) to really give reach and a finished look. Add a valance and you’ll really have a wow window. I give you permission to think outside the box in this room—make it a signature room with color, bold patterns and mix and match fabrics. It’s your living room—make it feel like you want to actually live in it!

Dining Room Window Treatment Ideas

This is where you celebrate the best things, either your nightly family ritual, or your big feast that comes a few times a year. If you’re going formal, I suggest tall drapes because you can do a floor-to-ceiling effect where you’ll bring a feeling of height and importance. It’s dramatic but still inviting. If you’re going more laid-back, Combi or roller shades will keep the space warm and private with a soft, home-y feel.

Bay Window Treatment Ideas

A bay window is composed of three parts and the windows are set at an angle to each other. Just the name, “bay,” makes me think of a calm, tranquil spot, softly whispering simplicity. For this clean and natural look, shutters or wood blinds are a good bay window treatment choice and coordinate well with decorative the window trim on your bay window. Fabric roman blinds add softness to the hard angles of a bay window and can bring in some liveliness with color and pattern. If your view is too lovely and bright to cover up, sometimes all that is needed is a decorative valance or an upholstered cornice.

Large Window/Sliding Door Treatment Ideas

I know, you fell in love with those beautiful large windows which were one of the main selling points of your residential place, but now you realize the sun is really bright in the morning or your neighbors have been peeking at you at the wrong time or even at the right time. You have to cover those windows. Vertical blinds are the best at covering large windows. So, you can style your window with your favorite fabric and double the fun. Traditional drapery is also lovely on large windows. Any way you look at it, tall windows demand special attention.

If you're planning to get one for your home, don't hesitate to inquire to your local supplier (make sure that it is based in the Philippines). Here at Accugine, we make sure that you understand the blinds that you buy and the benefit that you get from the price that you pay. Just let us know.

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