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Office Blinds Philippines

How was your day in the office?

Did you find yourself more productive?

Did you know that styling your office makes you or your employees comfortable hence, more productive at work? Sounds interesting right? In this blog post, I will help you choose the perfect blinds! May it be home office, corporate office, or executive office, the amount of sunlight and heat coming in your work space really impacts our level of productivity.

Here are some points that will make you decide which shades and type of blinds you really need for your work space;

1. I want to cut the glare! - Very common problem on people who work every day in front of computers is the glare caused by sunlight. The glare of the sun may hit your screen or your face disabling you to see well the texts on your monitor or focus on your tasks. A solution to this problem -- check out Sunscreen blinds!

Sunscreen blinds allows light to come in the space but blocks the sun's glare and rays. You can choose the percentage of opening to control the perfect glare that you need. A lower percentage of openness indicates tighter weave, hence more light is blocked by the blinds. You may want to choose the lowest percentage for maximum effectiveness!

2. I can’t concentrate because of everyday heat! – Not that your air cooler isn’t working, but when your office is located at the 45th floor of the building, facing near the windows, every day you will have to say “Hi” to Mr. Sun. The heat coming from the sun for sure makes you less productive!

With this, Vertical Blinds and Roller Blackout Blinds are the problem solvers! We have tried and tested this with one of our clients, whose employees complain about the scourging heat from the sun every afternoon. We recommended blackout blinds and viola! the room temperature is down to a comfortable level and employees are now happy. Happy employees = productive employees = more potential earnings for the company! As a business owner, don't you want that benefit?

3. When we are having a meeting, I can’t see the presentations! – The ability to see and focus on presentations makes you more likely to be productive and effective at work. But what if you or your employees are distracted because of bright lighting inside the room?

Presentations shown using a projector is best in dark rooms. If you have several large windows and you need to convert your meeting/conference room to a dark room, why not try installing Roller Blackout blinds and in fashion Combi Blackout Blinds to cover the windows?

The thick fabric material of blackout blinds are effective in blocking any ray of light from the sun. Unlike regular rollers and sunscreen which allows light from the outside, blackout blinds effectively blocks it.

Not sure where to find the best supplier in the Philippines? Check out our previous blog How to look for window blinds supplier in the Philippines

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