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How to look for window blinds supplier in the Philippines

Are you excited to design your own home? You want it to be on style but perhaps prefer minimalist design? do you want to express your own creativity in designing your own house? How about putting decorative blinds instead of heavy curtains on your windows?

In this article, to help you achieve your dream home design with breeze, I will teach you some techniques on how to look for window blinds supplier in the Philippines, and where you can afford to buy window covers without worrying if it's a durable, affordable and low maintenance window blinds.

Durability- When it comes to quality, of course you need to look for the best supplier that can give you what you really want. And so you would know, best blinds came from the originator of Combi Blinds - KOREA! Yes, you read it right. Trusted for office blinds and residential units, Korea has the best fabric and mechanisms for window blinds. Here at Accugine, our blinds are composed of quality imported fabrics and blinds parts from Korea.

Variants- Want to mix and match different colors in any part of your house? We have more types for you to choose from: Combi Blinds/Zebra Blinds for stylish mesh, or classic design Wood Blinds? You can also check Vertical Noblesse for elegance. Roller Blinds for your office and you want it to be motorized? We have it all.

Tired of going to your nearest home department store to check the variants? There are few trusted dealers that provide quality home service. And we are proud to say that Accugine is one of such dealers. Accugine offers measurement and installation services and can bring you the swatches to choose from at the comfort of your own home. We’re just one call away!

Affordable- You can check the best price at any home department store, try to look for the cheapest price. A word of caution though: hardware and stores located in the malls offer blinds at the most expensive price. I’m telling you there is no such price that you’ll be able to say yes. You can compare it with other qualified window blinds supplier in the Philippines. The reason for such is the high overhead cost (i.e. rental of place in the mall, hiring promodizers) for such suppliers, hence the additional cost you have to pay for your blinds.

Low-Maintenance- Tired of washing your heavy curtains monthly and spending so much money to pay laundry every two weeks just to wash your curtains? Find and choose the perfect blinds for your home that you can easily install, easy to clean and longer warranty. You can trust us for the most reliable supplier in the Philippines.

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