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What are the most preferred window blinds to buy?

There are several methods to stylize your home's windows which may be based on your necessities and preferences. Distinctive types of blinds are widely available in the market, there are ready-made and made to order window blinds which come in different patterns and colors to choose from. The blinds that are made on order are preferred since you can choose the style, and type according to the opening size of your windows at home.

In this article we're featuring two (2) traditional window blinds trusted by most homeowners and establishments: Wooden and Roller Blinds.

Wooden Blinds:

Wooden blinds are extremely stylish and can cover the windows and spruce up the interiors of your home. They are most widely sold with 50mm slats but are also available in 25mm slats. Other size alternatives can also be found however they aren’t usually utilized.

Most wooden blinds are made of an exceptionally lightweight wood called basswood yet they can also be found in an assortment of oriental hardwoods and bamboo. Basswood is the perfect material because it is strongly solid - it warps after years of use but not as much as other woods. Wooden blinds are an ideal option for large-sized windows and are appropriate for mostly all kind of windows at home. However, the main areas to avoid are places where there is dampness in the air like washrooms. The most well-known wood type colors are light and neutral for instance cedars, mid colored woods like cherry and darker woods like mahogany.

Eco Wood Blinds:

Eco wood blinds are turning into an exceptionally famous option and are produced using wood but may contain composite materials typically PVC or plastic. They are exceptionally popular in light of the fact that they are easy to clean and durable. In addition, they don't warp or fade after some time like bass wood. They are particularly useful for places that are damp as they don't warp easily. The most widely recognized Eco wood blinds’ color is white.

Although, all kind of blinds can hinder the light and decrease energy costs, a majority of home owners preferred wooden blinds.

Roller Blinds:

Roller blinds are covers for windows that can be opened by rolling the shades on a chamber (aka headrail) that is typically fixed just above a window. Roller blinds manufacturers utilize 100% polyester material to make the roller blinds. These blinds come in two variations which are sunscreen and blockout (also known as blackout). Sunscreen roller blinds allow a specific level of light to get through the blind into the room, and blockout, as the name itself says, block out the sun and its glare and heat.

Additionally, roller blinds are relatively cheap and in this manner have been in trends for quite a long time. An extensive variety of shades are available and the basic mechanism of rolling in the roller blinds implies they can keep going for a long time without giving you problems.

When purchasing window blinds, it would be best to decide the type of blinds according to your need. There are also considerations which you need to check out such as deciding if you want to mount them inside your window opening or over the window on your wall. For more information on how to decide the best blinds for your home, browse through our Info Box page or contact us for any technical inquiries and we'd be glad to assist you :)

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