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2 kinds of head rail cover you need to know before buying Combi Blinds

While the style and color of the fabric determines 80% of the look of your window treatment, 20% is determined by the style of Head rail and Bottom Bar.

In this article, Accugine will share with you the 2 types of head rail cover (a.k.a. Valance) that comes with your blinds.

Short intro:

Head rail is the head box (Also called the "MECHANISM") responsible for making your blinds go up and down when scrolled.

It's composed of several parts: Head tubes, U Shape BT, End Cap, Straps and other more which are pre-assembled for you.

The head rail cover is called a Valance. Valances are a popular decorative choice in concealing drapery hardware such as the head rail in blinds.

Accugine offers two kinds of Valance: (1) the simple yet elegant aluminum valance and (2) the stylish acetate valance

Aluminum Valance

Available in Ivory White, Beige and Choco

Available for Premium Blinds only

Made with durable Aluminum and covered in Matte finish, aluminum valances gives an elegant look to your choice of shades.

This type of valance, while simple, is preferred by homeowners adapting minimalist styles or those who prefer to highlight the beauty of the fabric as it keeps the design of the head rail simple.

Acetate Valance

Available color of head rail: Ivory White

Available for both Premium and Regular Blinds

Acetate is a transparent plastic covering the head rail. This type of valance creates a stylish way for the fabric to be visible.

Getting this kind of cover drives coordination of the fabric and head rail cover as they match each other. It's a more stylish option but the metal part of the head rail is available in Ivory White only.

So which do you think is better? Aluminum or Acetate Valance? Comment down below or reach us in various channels if you need help from our experts: Contact Us

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