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3 types of cord for your window blind's handle

You might ask: What type of handle can coordinate perfectly with my blinds?

If you're seeking to optimize the look of your new window cover, read further! Accugine offers a variety of handle options to choose from:

Blinds Fabric Cord Handle

Fabric Cord

Color: (Ivory, Beige or Choco)

Accugine lift cords for blinds are made of strong polyester fiber.

The handle includes a cord weight to hold the handle down.

The traditional fabric cord is commonly used with Combi blinds.

Blinds Small Beads Handle

Blinds Crystal Beads Handle

Small Beads

Combination of plastic beads and connecting cord that gives more style to your choice of shade.

Plastic beads coordinate well with Vertical blinds, while the metallic variant is a perfect pair for roller blinds.

Crystal Beads

Made up of crystal beads and connecting cord.

Elegant looking and coordinates well in any choice of Combi Blinds.

If you need technical help or styling recommendations, don't hesitate to call us! You can reach us via phone, email or through this Contact Us form.

This service is available to clients residing in the Philippines.

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