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From sophisticated to rustic, possess the power to transform your interior with the newest styles of window blinds that suits almost every room designs while providing you the best comfort.

Window blinds offer an EASY way to:

Add elegance to your home and offices with countless of styles, colors and patterns available

Enhance privacy of the room 

Control heat, lighting and temperature

Window blinds allows you to:

Avoid stress in cleaning and maintaining your window cover. Less maintenance means great savings in your valuable time and energy.

✔ Say No to harmful Ultraviolet Rays -- Protect you and your family from heat and harmful sunlight rays.

✔ Boosts your employees’ morale and productivity brought about by well-designed interiors and excellent control of glare and amount of natural light.

✔ Reduce energy costs with blackout blinds that effectively helps insulate the room from unwanted heat coming from the outside

Get that instant home make-over your friends would be envious about!


Guaranteed 5 YEARS WARRANTY for ​

Premium Blinds' Mechanism

Selected window blinds have 


Blinds help you get PROTECTED

from harmful UV Rays

Authentic materials imported from 

KOREA -- the trendsetter of QUALITY

Combi Blinds


  • Combi Blinds – are the most stylish and the most commonly used blinds for modern homes. Distinct feature is the combination of horizontal sheer and solid fabric that allows you to control the amount of light coming in. Black-out combi blinds give you 100% protection from glare with thicker fabric material.

  • Roller Blinds – provides you the shade you require with its solid fabric that allows you to totally cover any window opening. Roller blinds come in black-out, translucent and sunscreen options. TIP! Sunscreen has an openness factor in the range of 1%, 3% and 5%. Choose 1% for greater sun protection!  A lower % means the fabric is denser and is less porous hence lower outward visibility.

  • Vertical Blinds – Vertical blinds move sideways making them a perfect pair for sliding doors and windows. Our blinds can also rotate in place, allowing you to control lighting and heat without stacking the slats together.

  • Wood blinds – An excellent interior decoration booster! Wood in itself adds warmth and sophistication to any room.

  • Motorized Blinds - For the ultimate convenience and luxury, installing a motorized blind is a must! Simply operate with a click of your finger – hassle-free and extremely convenient. Motorized blinds are absolute pairs of tall and high windows.

In choosing the best window blinds for your home and office, consider:

  • Style

  • Colour

  • Functionality

  • Child-safety

  • Block out

  • Privacy requirements

  • Materials

  • Room suitability


Phone us now and let us help you find the best window cover for your home!


  • Combi - Basic, Woodlook Normal & Premier, 3-Color Woodlook, Orion, Orion Premier, Provence, Karara

  • Special Combi - Woolsy, Indian S/T, Eco 7-line Pleated, Elegance, Open Grace 2-Line Pleated, Twins Metal 8-Line, Cube

  • Combi Black Out - Joker 1-tone Black Out, Joker 2-Tone Black Out, Wide Black Out

  • Triple Shade - Bres

  • Triple Black-Out

  • Noblesse

  • Roll - Terrace, T/C, Mono, Eco Screen 1, Cubic, Cello Single, Hanoi

  • Roll Blackout - Single, Pearl, Harmony Both Sides Black Out, 100% Black Out

  • Sun Screen 

  • Honeycomb Shade

  • Wood Blinds

  • Motorized

  • Vertical Motorized

Contact Numbers:

0965-523-9610 (Globe)

0921-451-2764 (Smart)

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