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The Benefits of Blinds

The right blinds, shades or shutters can provide privacy, control light and spiff up a room.

On their own, windows are really just holes in the walls. But add a window covering like blinds, shades or shutters and you suddenly have amazing privacy, control over the amount of sunlight that fills the area and an enhanced looking room.

Here in the Philippines, blinds are much better than curtains due to the sun heat reduction benefits, ease of dust removal and many other benefits.

Blinds also add aesthetic value to any space. Because they are modern looking, elegant and comes in a variety of colors and patterns, home/commercial property owners have great flexibility to design their space.

Whether you're picking window coverings for one window or for an entire house, you'll need to consider window shape and size, how you use the room and the amount of sunlight you want to let in and keep out.

In general, the following are blinds we recommend for its purpose:

  1. I need to enhance the look of our interior - Use Combi Blinds

  2. I need extra privacy for my room - Use Blackout Blinds

  3. I need to cover my large doors and windows - Use Vertical Blinds

  4. I need to brighten my room with natural light - Use Regular Roller or Sunscreen Blinds

  5. I need the convenience to adjust my window cover - Use Motorized Blinds

Where to Shop

You can buy blinds in home furnishings stores, home centers, paint and tile stores and through a decorator but we recommend to deal directly with experts who fully understand the dynamics of how to install in your space. If you're anxious about accurately measuring windows and want to avoid costly mistakes, contact Accugine to assist you. Accugine offers low cost and high quality blinds in the Philippines.

Contact us for your free ocular assessment

0906-818-1438 (Globe) 0965-523-9610 (Globe) 0919-769-4479 (Smart)

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